Client: Vodafone Retail 2
Format: Printing Design manual
Stock: GF Smith
Finish: Laminatted, die-cutting
Special: Tabbed Dividers

"The manual has gone down a storm. ‘Impressive’ is the most frequently used word which is always good to hear – well done!" Vodafone UK

Vodafone manual which forms part of the overall sample box. Printed in 6 colours and lined with GF Smith paper. Using a 2-D Ring mechanism that holds to 150+ single leaves of full colour printed sheets. 12 gang full colour tabbed dividers matt laminated and cut to shape.

Manual printing for Vodafone required both litho and digial printing process in order to meet budgets and deadlines and a high quality finish.

The printed manuals were shrinkwapped and then placed inside the Vodafone sample box to be shipped to overseas destinations.
Manual printing once complete were assembled into sample box, packed and labelled and then despatch to various overseas destinations.